YWS Finds Inspiration in Ancient Native Rituals

The spa & golf pavilion at Sandia Resort & Casino helped transform the property from a local hang out into a regional destination. Designed to honor its natural surroundings, this 27,000 square foot resort expansion captures expansive views of the neighboring sacred Sandia Mountains and tells the story of the native Sandia Pueblo people.

The design team’s inspiration was drawn from the Kiva Ritual Room, a room constructed by the Puebloan people who settled in New Mexico’s Chaco Canyon.  Traditionally used for religious experiences, the design and peaceful spirit of the Ancient Ritual Kiva room was preserved in the modern-day spa concept created by YWS. The Sandia Spa Pavilion is a sanctuary of wellness, peace, tranquility and relaxation.

Locally sourced natural stone stacked in expansive arched masses and washed with natural light reinforces this concept and creates a distinctively New Mexican experience for guests. The use of sandstone for walls, dramatic skylights throughout and interior landscape and green walls bring the beauty of the natural landscape to the serene experience within.

Discrete separate entries and drop off points allow the spa and golf pavilion to co-exist without causing customers to cross paths. Spa guests have access to a full serviced spa and salon, natural lighting, fourteen (14) private treatment rooms, hot and cold plunge pools, steam rooms, rain showers, dry saunas, secluded patios and spectacular views. The pavilion is multi-functional and can be used for tournament parties, special events, weddings and receptions. Additionally, brides have direct access from the spa’s salon to a private bridal suite to assist in preparation for their big day.

Full Scope of Project:

Additional Sandia Resort expansions included the Roadrunner remodel, casino expansion and parking garage.

The Roadrunner remodel and casino expansion expanded the existing 8,500 square foot space into a 14,000 square foot gaming and restaurant experience.

YWS and contractor, Jaynes Corporation worked together to complete a clash detection process using Revit software on the new space. The process prevents issues during construction by identifying areas that “clash” pre-construction. These weekly efforts helped with the development of some of the most essential pieces of the expansion.

For instance, a new HVAC system was properly routed through an existing plenum space above the new ceiling, which allows for ventilation of smoke throughout the space. The clash detection process not only saved the client money for additional demolition and re-routing, but also helped deliver the project on time.

Its design, smoke control systems and new deli attract and entice consumers to spend time in what is now the most utilized space on the casino floor.

The Sandia Parking Garage expansion presented its own challenges. The design included a 1,680 space parking garage, complete with curved walls, decorative stair towers that anchor all four corners, and a new entry space to the Roadrunner expansion. This pre-cast concrete structure was designed to resemble the existing adobe style resort and features solar powered shade structures on the top level to protect patrons from Albuquerque’s hot summer sun.

Facing soil challenges, YWS and Jaynes Corporation added over 800 micro-piles to the structure’s foundation. Teamwork and extensive coordination allowed the project to finish on time, budget and to the promised design. Aesthetically and functionally pleasing, the parking garage feels like an extension of the main casino.

For more information on the Sandia Resort & Casino, Spa and Golf Pavilion, please contact Clarissa Cross at ccross@ywsinternational.com.