Boutique Design West 2017

Each spring, Boutique Design West Trade Fair is held in southern California to unite the interior design community and share expertise, trends and new and upcoming projects. Executives from Marriott, Princess Cruises and Jules Wilson Design Studio joined me to speak on a panel that explored the art and science of creating memorable experiences that engage consumers.

It was really a case study discussion with each of us explaining our approach to very different spaces. What was interesting to me was that among our various approaches to design was a common theme. Each of us created a variety of unique features within our respective venues. Whether consciously or intuitively done, we all executed our projects according to a theory proven by Project for Public Spaces, known as the Power of 10. It was tested on a regional scale, in major public spaces, in locally owned shops and more. Each successful space that engaged consumers and drove repeat visitation was made with the same recipe, by offering 10 visually stunning, engaging/entertaining or photo-worthy experiences.

This same concept that made Little Italy in New York City successful is the same concept that makes our designs successful, regardless of whether it’s a restaurant, hotel or integrated resort. Consumers want to be intrigued and entertained and, as designers, we have to know the right formula to attract the targeted consumer. Beyond the Power of 10, we also discussed the need for sensory immersion and how designs should engage a consumer’s sense of sight, sound, smell and touch.

It was a great panel and the primary take-away was to engage consumers on a sensory level with a variety of fun exciting experiences.